Staff Exempt

In Workday you will be able to manage your time trackingbenefitspayroll, and performance management

Time Tracking

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Staff Exempt

Do I need to log time worked in Workday?
(Exceptions apply for time worked during
Campus Closures and University Holidays)
Do I need to request time off in Workday? YES

Staff Exempt Manager

Do I need to approve time worked and time off for employees
that report to me? 

Learn more about your responsibility as a Manager in Workday.

Staff Exempt Working in Applied Research Labs/Electro-Optics Center

Do I need to log all time worked to projects in Workday? YES
Do I need to request time off in Workday? YES

Time Worked

Staff Exempt typically will not need to log time worked in Workday, but will need to log time that is worked during Campus Closures and University holidays so that they can earn time off accruals.  Staff Exempt working in the Applied Research Labs/Electro-Optics Center will need to report time worked to projects.

Time Off 

Staff Exempt will request time off in Workday.

Staff Exempt managers, which is defined as anyone with a direct report, will be asked to approve time off requests in Workday for employees who report to them, if applicable.


Eligible Staff Exempt will use Workday to elect benefits during open enrollment. You can also update dependents due to life events or change beneficiaries for life insurance directly in the system. When you view your benefits, you’ll be able to see each plan, the plan’s coverage begin date, the deduction begin date, the employee cost, and employer contribution.


Anyone who receives a paycheck from the University will be able to view and print pay slips and W-2’s. Workday enables you to manage your payment elections, such as direct deposit accounts. You will be able to elect up to two direct deposit accounts, plus Penn State Federal Credit Union.

Performance Management 

Staff Exempt who are full-time and Staff Exempt managers of full-time staff will conduct performance management activities such as goal setting, mid-year, and end-of-year performance evaluations.