Temporary Technical Service Employees

Temporary / Contingent Workers doing work that is considered technical service will report time-in and time-out in Workday. The same will apply to the following groups, though the method of entering time will differ:

  • Those within Auxiliary & Business Services and the Creamery will use time clocks to report time-in and time-out.
  • Those in OPP will use Abacus to report time.

Temporary Technical Service Working Within

Auxiliary and Business Services or the Creamery:
Do I use time clocks to report time-in and time-out to Workday?
Office of Physical Plant:
Do I continue to use Abacus to report time into Workday?
All other University departments:
Do I log time-in and time-out in Workday?
Do I need to request time off in Workday?