Faculty "Managers"

As a Faculty "Manager," you will have additional responsibilities within Workday. Here are some FAQ's to help you learn more about what it means to be a Manager in Workday. 

Who is a “Manager” in Workday?

Anyone who supervises one or more direct reports is considered a Manager in Workday. The Manager role is consistent across the University in terms of access to view direct reports’ job and performance information. Faculty who supervise other employees will have the role of “Manager” in Workday.

How does Workday help Faculty “Managers”?

Workday will provide Faculty “Managers” with insights on job and performance information for their direct reports. Workday will also provide Faculty “Managers” an organizational chart that includes all of their direct reports.

What information can Faculty “Managers” view about their direct report(s) in Workday?

Faculty “Managers” can view the following information for their direct report(s):

  • Staffing Data: Birthdays (month/day only), Work Anniversaries, Onboarding Status, Organizations, Open Positions & Headcount, Probation Periods
  • Compensation: Job Profile, Base Pay (salary, hourly), and Activity Pay
  • Time Tracking & Absence: Team Time Off, Time Off Balances
  • Performance Management: Employee Goals, Feedback and Talent Profile (Education, Skills & Experience)

What are Faculty “Managers” responsible for doing in Workday? Can they delegate these responsibilities?

Faculty “Managers” will approve timesheets and time off requests, for their direct report(s) who are required to enter either or both. Faculty “Managers” can also enter hours worked on behalf of employees or initiate time off requests in the event that an employee is unable to do so themselves. We strongly encourage that all Faculty “Managers” take on this responsibility. However, we are allowing the ability for Faculty who have concerns around approving time worked and time off submissions from their direct report(s) to identify a Timekeeper who will complete those approvals on their behalf. 

Faculty “Managers” of full-time staff will be responsible for conducting performance reviews, including goal-setting, mid-year and end-of-year performance evaluations in Workday. This responsibility cannot be delegated.

What is a Contingent Worker “Manager”?

Some Penn State employees are managed by non-Penn State employees. For example, some College of Medicine employees are managed by Hershey Medical Center employees. In this case, these Managers will have access to Workday, as Contingent Workers, to perform managerial functions for their direct report(s).

How can I learn more about what it means to be a Manager in Workday?

Workday training includes a special learning path devoted to Managers. You can view the learning path to learn more about the courses that we recommend Managers take.