Who will be able to see my information in Workday?

Managers will be able to view the following information for their direct report(s):

  • Staffing Data: Birthdays (month/day only), Work Anniversaries, Onboarding Status, and Probation Period(s)
  • Compensation: Job Profile, Base Pay (salary, hourly, and Activity Pay)
  • Time Tracking & Absence: Team Time Off, Time Off Balances
  • Performance Management: Employee Goals, Feedback and Talent Profile (Education, Skills, and Experience)

In addition, you will be able to search for colleague information in Workday the same way that you would in the LDAP today. You will also be able to see some new and useful information in Workday such as an organizational chart of the management chain from you up to the President.

If you do not wish to be searchable by other employees, please continue to follow the current Penn State "Confidentiality Requests" process. When Workday goes live, confidentiality preferences will be converted over and Workday will become the system of record.

Lastly, there are several key roles, such as Timekeeper, that will be able to view or modify specific pieces of information - as approved by Penn State's Data Stewards - to perform a designated task. Data Stewards are Penn State administrators who are responsible for Penn State's Computerized Institutional Data.